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Maintain Your Health Without Trade-offs

The myth that you can just let your body deteriorate and then replace the “worn-out” parts is a costly, dangerous, and inefficient approach. Unfortunately, this myth is deeply entrenched in the American consciousness. It not only breeds disease, but is crippling the economy with “health care” costs that are spiraling out of control and increasingly […]

Restore Health by Correcting Chemical Imbalance

For any chemical imbalance, the first question to ask is, “what chemical is my body not producing enough of or else not breaking down properly?” If you have any “non-emergency” symptom that you think may be related to a chemical imbalance, this is the place to start. Let’s contrast this inner pharmacy approach with the […]

Use Your Inner Pharmacy to Maintain Health and Avoid Side-Effects

Using the complete pharmacy that exists within your own body is an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain  your health. With the raw materials from a nutrient-rich diet along with a properly functioning body, your body can produce all the good chemicals you could want for a lifetime of health and well-being. Getting your own body […]

Women's Health and Your Inner Pharmacy

Most women’s health issues are regulated by the body’s production and breakdown of various hormones. While there is rarely a “magic pill” that fixes them, they can be usually be helped through lifestyle and holistic care that improves the health of the person. While people often use hormone replacement therapy to “replace” what the body is […]

The Mediterranean Diet and Your Inner Pharmacy

The specific chemicals that your body is producing at any time is highly modified by the ingredients you give it through your diet. Your body uses good fats from olive oil, nuts, beans, and fish to produce its own anti-inflammatory chemicals, which go to work throughout your body. A recent study, published on the New England […]

Use Your Inner Pharmacy to Create Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging is the ultimate success and comes first from maintaining health throughout life. The early identification and successful treatment of disease only come into the picture when your inner pharmacy breaks down and is no longer able to maintain the healthy normal function of your body. It is much more efficient and effective to […]

Moving Health Care Toward Prevention and Beyond

Health Care that restores and maintains normal healthy function of the body offers the greatest solution for our health care crisis.  Moving in the direction of “disease prevention” is a transformational shift, and while we are at it, we can do even more. To improve the health and performance of the American people, and to […]

A New Model for the World's Health Care Crisis

Non-communicable Diseases, the greatest health care challenge of the 21st century, can best be solved by maintaining health, versus “treating” the disease. A new model, based on Healthy Aging, is the solution to what the World Health Organization calls the “Dominant Public Health Challenge of the 21st Century”, Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD’s). In the May 16, 2012, issue […]

New Criteria for Health Care Interventions

Answering one simple question would help greatly in prioritizing the best health care interventions:  Does “it” safely and effectively restore normal function to the body? The recent meningitis outbreak draws attention to the fact that millions of people get steroid shots in their back to relieve pain. While the outbreak may be blamed on poorly […]